A Time of Thanks

November 25 & 26, 2016

The weekend of Thanksgiving Board Members prepared burritos and pumpkin hand pies to be shared with the homeless down in front of the House of Charity in Spokane, WA. Among them were Rayce, Tiffany, Wendy, and Terry Barnes, as well as, our first ever Youth Volunteer Aden Barnes!

Together they worked to prepare 40+ burritos to be given out in front of the House of Charity in Spokane, WA. Additionally, SoLoved was donated 4 Sugar Pumpkins by Tiffany’s boss and they were able to make 40 hand pies.

Along with warm food for their bellies and a taste of home from a nice piece of pie, SoLoved was also able to give out over 40 sweaters to both men and women that has been donated by Rayce and Tiffany, all of which were found brand new at a major retail store for under $2 a piece during a summer season close out sale!

The time preparing for this Thanksgiving was one of great team work and gave way to a lot of time for thinking and praying about the blessing of God. The opportunity we had to gift others with a glimpse of Thanksgiving left us all very fulfilled and at the same time very humbled as we drove away in our warm car with our coats and gloves and full amenities. The time it takes to prepare food and clothing items seems sometimes to take forever but the amount of need for these items turns the giving into a matter of minutes. I think in this instance we handed out all sweaters, burritos, and pies within about 20 minutes and then we loaded back up and drove away.

We are finding that the need is there, the lives of people are vibrant and in need, and we are here to make a difference whether it lasts for 20 minutes or 20 years.

We thank all of our supporters, those who have donated, those expressing interest about how to get involved, and thank you to those who pray for us and then work we are doing.

We Are All SoLoved!

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