We Love a Good Deal!

March 15, 2017

Tiffany seems to have a niche for finding killer deals and using coupons to make a dollar turn into ten dollars. She frequents some of the local clothing retail stores to find season close outs at rock bottom prices!

Her most recent shopping trip was a huge success for winter close out items that will provide resources next fall/ winter as temperature in the Inland Northwest begin to dip in to the 30’s and 20’s.

She was able to pick up 50 knitted and insulated hats for under $2 a piece! The retail price on most these snow hats were an atrocious $18-$20 each… Retail mark ups are absolutely crazy! She was also able to find roughly 12 fleece zip up jackets for … you guessed it under $2 a piece!! These items were also originally $20-$25 each… Mind blowing!

As our stock pile is beginning to grow for the winter months, we have been constantly reminded of God’s provisions and we are ever so grateful he has prepared us financially to donate these items to those in need!

Thank you to Rayce and Tiffany for your personal donation of these winter items!

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