Youth Volunteer Burrito Build

April 21, 2017

Rayce and our Wenatchee based volunteer Jaime, headed out to Spokane Valley to meet with youth volunteers, ages 6-12, from St. Aloysius Gonzaga Catholic School to prepare a warm meal for some of Spokane’s impoverished and homeless.

The team spent about 2 hours preparing ingredients and building burritos.

Each member had their own special task from opening cans, cracking eggs, tearing pieces of aluminum foils, to dividing up the right amount of ingredients into each special meal.

Our youth volunteers proved to be exceptional examples of giving and kind hearts! They offered to ask for donations and scrounged up the items needed to accomplish this Burrito Build. They were able to attain 10 dozen eggs, 12 cans of refried beans, over 100 taco shells, and a few cases of water all in a matter of a few days! These children and teens are a tremendous blessing to the Spokane community!

(Visit the SoLoved Webpage to see more Images)


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